Cashmere Care Guide

Designed and made in Mongolia, our cashmere is of the finest quality, handpicking from nomadic herders, undergoing extensive sorting to combing processes, so supremely soft cashmere is guaranteed, if cared for correctly, will stay with you in the years to come. We recommend to follow this simple steps for a lifelong luxury.

Start by hand washing the garment in lukewarm water /30c/, using baby shampoo or a mild alternative as the detergent. Soak for 20 minutes, turn inside out and squeeze clean gently, try rolling it if this helps - do not rub or wring and then lay the garment flat to dry. NEVER tumble dry. While hand washing is best, using a front loading washing machine is okay. Use the 'Delicate' or 'Hand Wash' setting with a low spin and only use Cold Water. Top load machines are not recommended.

After washing, gently squeeze out all the excess water. Lay flat on a dry, clean towel and roll it to remove excess water, then shape the garment back into its original shape. Allow to dry away from direct sunlight or heat, as this will damage the garment.

When ironing a Cashmere garment, use the wool setting on your iron. With a pressed cloth, iron on the inside of the fabric (inside out). A steamer is great for ironing cashmere garments.

Avoid hanging your cashmere as it will distort the fine fibers and lose its shape and fit. Store your cashmere in an airtight bag and use cedar blocks to keep moths away. Remember to wash your cashmere before storing for a long periods of time as dirt, dead skin and traces of food can attract moths and other insects.

Dear Customers,
Please be noted Nomadico Cashmere is not liable for any damage caused due to caring the cashmere incorrectly.