Nomadico Story

Nomadico Cashmere is a luxury Ready-to-Wear brand founded in 2018 by Bilguun Erdenedavaa who was born and raised in a humble herder's home, focusing solely on making modern cashmere luxuries in full collections of womenswear, menswear and accessories. Designed in San Francisco and crafted in our workshop in Ulaanbaatar, each piece is made of 100% sustainable Mongolian, Grade A cashmere with a strong social and environmental conscience. The brand draws its inspirations from the simplistic yet boundless lifestyle of nomads who occupies the endless grasslands and mighty mountains of Mongolia under the eternal blue sky.

Nomadico Cashmere pieces are meant to be humbly worn, lived in and passed down to future generations.

Nomadico Cashmere is headquartered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, meaning every single process from raw cashmere collecting to yarn spinning to knitting, is precisely controlled to guarantee the most premium quality in the heartland of the most exquisite cashmere. The source of it all, the cashmere goats or the capra hircus goats live in the extreme continental climates of Mongolia, resulting them to grow a very fine and soft fleece underneath a rougher outer coat of hair. When the weather gets mild in each spring, these goats shed their winter coat naturally and the herders gently shear it skillfully by hand.

We, Nomadico Cashmere, is proud to share this hundreds of years of heritage and authenticity combined unparalleled craftsmanship with the world.

Nomadico Cashmere presents to you, a real fiber and real story.